Peter and Akiko’s wedding at the Datai, Langkawi

Beautiful Wedding at the Datai
Wedding at the Datai Resort Langkawi, Malaysia

I have been moving all of my older weddings from decaying DVD’s onto a new server and have been coming across some real gems of weddings that we have covered over the past 15 years(!) I realise now that when I moved from my old HTML 1.0 web site to wordpress that hundreds of my older wedding posts never followed us along! Ouch! So I am busy picking out some of them for reposting as time permits. This wedding is from December 2005. Back then we were shooting with the Nikon D2x and Canon 20D. Just viewing the images today I realise just how far camera sensors have come! Visible noise in ISOs as low as 400. Back then we were still transitioning from film so it wasn’t a concern, but in light of what we have today…wow! Now the tech talk is out of the way let’s talk about this wedding.

Peter and Akiko are members of the Malaysian Philharmonic orchestra. They are still there with them 8 years on so do look for them when you visit the MPO! Their wedding was at the Datai Resort in Langkawi. We have covered a few weddings there and I do hope to put more up as time permits. Peter is Slovakian, and Akiko Japanese. They decided on the Datai as it is a classy resort and neutral ground for both families. Peter’s family flew out from Slovakia while Akikos came from Japan. It was a small and intimate wedding. The Datai did a great job with very tasteful arrangement of flowers and the dinner setting. Akiko’s good friend Maho, and Peter’s brother Miro also attended. Both are also in the MPO and it turned out were courting. We covered their wedding when their turn came about! More on that in a future posting.

Beautiful Japanese Bride at the Datai

Akiko looked beautiful as she prepared for the ceremony at the Datai

Bride getting ready for her wedding at the Datai

Akiko’s anticipation is evident

Bride at the Datai Langkawi putting on her shoes

Last stages of the preparation before heading to the Datai’s beach wedding location

Brides mother at the Datai

The brides family waited for her at the Datai’s pool side

Grooms father at Datai Wedding Langkawi

Grooms father found the weather at the Datai rather balmy

Brides best friend Datai Resort Wedding Langkawi, Malaysia

Brides best friend from the MPO. We shot her wedding a few years later!

Ring exchange at Datai Resort Wedding Langkawi Malaysia

Hands communicate so much

kiss shot at Datai Resort Wedding Langkawi Malaysia

First kiss

Beautiful flower bouquet at the Datai Langkawi Wedding

The beautiful bouquet

Wedding portraits on the Datai beach

Portraits on the beach in front ot the Datai langkawi

Wedding portraits on Datai langkawi beach

The happy wedding couple

Wedding portraits on Datai langkawi beach

A classic wedding portrait pose. Cliched perhaps but will always be welcome on a mantle piece.

Wedding portraits on Datai langkawi beach


Wedding portraits on Datai langkawi beach

Sun has set

Wedding portraits on Datai langkawi beach

Beach portraits. It was much darker than it looks here.

An inviting wedding dinner set up on the beach at the Datai Langkawi

An inviting wedding dinner set up on the beach at the Datai Langkawi

Wedding dinner on the beach at a Datai Wedding

Wedding dinner on the Datai beach

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