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Professional Wedding Photographer in Malaysia

Hi I am Grant Corban, a New Zealand photographer based in Malaysia for the past 25 years. My large, classy and spacious studio is located in Petaling Jaya. Over the years I have covered many hundreds of Malay, Chinese, and Indian weddings. My work has been in international magazines including Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, US and Australia, and I have been featured on Astro as well radio and various newspapers.

I shoot more than just weddings and events. I have shot cars for Top Gear, various international celebrities, royalty and heads of state. I photograph a lot of families, babies and even do glamour and under water photography as well as food and corporate work for annual reports and web sites.

My style is friendly and candid, setting my subjects at ease and capturing the essence of a person which I hope will delight them for years to come.

I should mention I operate a real company. I mention this as there are many “freelancers” who come and go with the wind and I have seen people engage them and never hear from them again. With me you get peace of mind.

I hope you enjoy yourself during your stay here. Thank you.

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