Wedding at Restoran Fei Chui Kajang

Originally posted 2013-08-31 14:54:54.

The Front entrance of Restoran Fei Chui in Kajang

The Front entrance of Restoran Fei Chui in Kajang. Lots of parking below and behind.

We covered a Chinese wedding in Kajang over the last two weekends. I didn’t know of Restoran (restaurant) Fei Chui, nor that it was such a capacious venue. I think it is busy with weddings most weekends as it is likely THE major wedding banquet restaurant venue in the Kajang area. Very good banquet experience. The food was good (not always the case at wedding banquets) primarily because they are a restaurant and not a hotel, and the couple and their friends were great fun.

Main wedding banquet table Restoran Fei Chui in Kajang

Beautiful wedding floral centre piece – photographed with off camera flashes controlled by radio. You can see two of them firing in this shot.

Available light photo of main wedding banquet table at Restoran Fei Chui in Kajang

Same shot with available light. One of the reasons I shoot with remote control off camera flash is because some clients complain their skin colours are off and want me to photoshop it to look natural. Sometimes that’s just impossible to do. Everyone’s taste is different. There is no right or wrong with this.

View from the stage looking towards the back of the Restoran Fei Chui in Kajang

View from the stage. I think there were 70 tables in total!

Grant Corban Photography