Hartalega Nitrile and Latex Gloves Product Shoot

These photos are from a recent product photography shoot we did for Hartelega. Hartelega employs about 6,000 people and make 1 BILLION gloves per month, mostly for export. They are an OEM rubber glove producer for medical companies all over the world including Japan and the USA. The term “rubber gloves” covers both Latex and Nitrile glove materials. Nitrile gloves complement normal latex gloves as they are more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids** and are about 300% more resistant to punctures than normal latex gloves. They are also used by those with latex allergies. On the other hand (that wasn’t an intentional pun but worked well) latex gloves are a lot more stretchy!

All of the gloves have to either meet or exceed international standards. The photo shoot was in one of their testing labs and I would have to admit it was nice to be in research and testing facility again. The model for this shoot was…..me.  :-)  We needed someone with western sized hands so I ended up as the obvious choice and had one of those rare moments of being on the other side of the camera.

**NB while this is a photography web site and not a chemistry one, I would hate for anyone taking this as a blanket statement. Strong acids and especially Nitric Acid can cause Nitrile gloves some problems. If you are handling nitric acid on a regular basis I am sure you are well aware of these potential issues.

Hartalega Nitrile Gloves for chemistry 0002

My dad was an organic chemist.

Hartalega Nitrile Gloves for cleaning Manufacturer 0003

Gloves are an essential protection against corrosive chemicals and dangerous biologicals

Hartalega white Rubber Nitrile Glove Manufacturer 0004

This shows how stretchy the latex gloves are.

Green Hartalega Rubber Nitrile Glove Manufacturer 0008

Pretty Green

Hartalega Nitrile Gloves for medical 0001Orange Hartalega Rubber Nitrile Glove Manufacturer 0007

This shouldn’t hurt a bit. I like the orange gloves.

Hartalega Blue Rubber Nitrile Glove Manufacturer 0006

Dangerous Chemicals – No Problem

Hartalega Rubber Nitrile Glove Manufacturer 0005

The gloves give good tactile feeling


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