Geoff and Ellies’ Wedding in Taiping and Putrajaya

Putrajaya Wedding Portrait Photography


Putrajaya Wedding Portrait Photography

Geoff and Ellie had flown in from Canada so they could celebrate with Ellie’s parents in the town of Taiping where they held a traditional Chinese Tea ceremony and banquet dinner for the family. Geoff’s folks flew down from Canada to enjoy the ceremonies and they were also joined by his brother and sister in law from Japan. Traditional Chinese weddings include giving of tea by the couple to all of their older relations, and receiving tea from their younger relations. It is a great way of getting to meet the family and understanding the relational links. The bride and groom also receive a lot of gifts, both jewelry and cash. This provides a good “kick start” to married life.

The dinner banquet had the traditional cake cutting, champagne popping and table-by-table yumseng. We rounded out the end of the night with a series of family group photos, one of which is shown below. With family group photos the secret is to work quickly, professionally, and be able to banter with the family to get everyone relaxed. And as always – shoot RAW for best results. We used a total of 6 flashes for these photos. Setting up that many lights quickly requires you to know your gear.

Four days later we all headed to Putrajaya where the legal technicalities of getting married in Malaysia were taken care of. Then we headed off to a nice location for a small private ceremony by the lake. I have to admit I was a bit concerned about this part of the day as it was going to be mid-morning, and the heat could have melted all of us…me included! Fortunately the sky was overcast, and a gentle breeze started which kept temperatures moderate. All in all it was very pleasant.

I know a lot of photographers like to see how we shoot a wedding. I have attended a few weddings where you see more of the photographer and video crew than the wedding couple!!!! There were 2 of us covering each of these days. Take note of where we were shooting from. One of us (my shooting buddy for +10 years)  is way off doing long shots, while I am up “close”. I like to use the professional 70-200 f2.8 lenses for their versatility and reach as well as their quick focusing and sharpness. Do note where I am shooting from. It does mean I have to move around fairly rapidly (walking not running) but ensures I never block the family. Why stop the enjoyment of someone who flew thousands of miles so they could witness the wedding?

After the ceremony we did a quick series of family groups and some portraits before the weather closed in and it started to rain.

Flemington Hotel Taiping

The Flemington Hotel in Taiping

Wedding Portraits in Taiping lake Gardens

Wedding Portraits were in the beautiful Taiping Lake Gardens

Wedding Portraits in Taiping lake Gardens

Geoff and Ellie looked splendid

Portraits at Taiping Lake Gardens

We believe photography should be fun. The right word at the right time.

Wedding Portraits in TaipingFamily photo at taiping lake gardens

Geoff’s family noticed it was slightly warmer in Malaysia than Canada

Taiping Lake Gardens Wedding

The famous “Blue Frame”. Nat Geo eat your heart out. Blue is the new Yellow.

Think tank bag at wedding

Grant giving some photo tips. I used a 5DMk3 and D3 at this shoot

Flemington Hotel Taiping Wedding Photography

Welcome to dinner!

Flemington Hotel Taiping Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding Photography

Ellie and Geoff serve Ellie’s parents tea

Chinese wedding ring at tea ceremony

Ellie’s mum bedecks her daughter

Flemington Hotel Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding Photography

Ellie strikes gold. What a great smile.

Flemington Hotel Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony Photography

Geoff’s parents entering into the spirit of the traditional Chinese tea ceremony

Bride and Groom walk in to their banquet at the Flemington Hotel Photography

Geoff and Ellie’s grand walk in to their banquet in the Flemington hotel

Flemington Hotel Wedding Banquet Photography

Popping the champagne!

Flemington Hotel Wedding Banquet Photography Group Photo

Ellie’s family. End of evening group photo.

Putrajaya Wedding Registration Photography

A few jumps through the hoops at the Putrajaya registration centre and Geoff and Ellie were married.

Putrajaya Wedding Ceremony Photography

The private wedding ceremony was held on the end of a pier in Putrajaya near the Maritime centre

Putrajaya Wedding Ceremony Photography

I do!

Putrajaya Wedding Ceremony Photography

I do too!

Putrajaya Wedding Ceremony Photography

Personal note: I enjoy weddings…can you tell?

Beautiful Bride Putrajaya Wedding Ceremony Photography

A very happy day for Ellie

Putrajaya maritime Centre Wedding Photography

Sometimes families travel thousands of miles to view the wedding. Wedding Photo Tip: NEVER block the families view of the ceremony.

Putrajaya Wedding Ceremony Photography

Geoff and Ellie wrote their own vows for a personal touch

Putrajaya Wedding Ceremony Photography

The Kiss

Putrajaya Wedding Portrait Photography

Ellie was simply stunning

Putrajaya Wedding Portrait Photography

Putrajaya Wedding Portrait Photography

The happy couple

Putrajaya Wedding Portrait Photography

A dramatic skyline…weather was closing in at this stage.


Punjabi Hindu Wedding in Melaka

punjabi wedding couple at the melaka equatorial hotel banquet
punjabi wedding couple at the melaka equatorial hotel banquet
The happy couple at the wedding banquet in the Equatorial hotel

A Punjabi Hindu wedding. Anusha’s mum had just outlined her daughter’s upcoming wedding day in Melaka as we sat in the local Starbucks enjoying a coffee. I have been the photographer for many Hindu weddings in the past and I have shot quite a number of Sikh weddings as well, so the fusion of the Punjabi culture and Hindu religion promised a very colourful couple of days with lots of fun.

The wedding day started with the Saainth ceremony (performed with oil) at the brides house, followed by the bangle ceremony. I was at the brides to cover these events while the team headed over to the grooms and awaited the priest who would perform the reciprocal saainth ceremony at his home. After the groom performed these rituals his family performed the Sehra bandi ceremony. This is a meaningful time whereby he gets dressed and puts on the traditional head dress and veil (known as the Sehra).

The wedding ceremony was held at the Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC). Both Punjabi and Hindu wedding traditions were observed when the groom Karun arrived at the wedding venue. Traditionally the groom arrives on a horse, typically a mare, along with his “best man” (who is called the sarvala). The families met and greeted each other with bhangra drums, dancing and Milni (exchange of garlands between our fathers, our brothers and our uncles).

The Punjabi Hindu wedding ceremony is quite different from the south Indian traditions. Immediately on meeting the bride and groom garland one another (Jaimala). Rumour has it that the bride and groom should be careful not to bow as it is a marriage of equals. As you will see in the photos the parents are integral in the ceremony itself. Once the wedding ceremony is over the groom is finally permitted to remove his veil. To everyone’s relief it was Karun underneath!

Later in the evening we all retired to the brides house where the bride and groom were welcomed. Karun had to bargain his way into the house and the bridesmaids/cousins and sisters all made good on his lavish donations. A tearful goodbye was expected as Anusha left her home. It is quite a dramatic event for any woman.

Two nights later the final wedding banquet was held at the Equatorial Hotel Melaka. It was a very colourful event, with many family members flying in from overseas. The bride and grooms first dance turned out to have a flash mob made up of cousins and friends.

punjabi bride wedding photographer

Stunning wedding bangles

punjabi bride henna wedding photographer

The brides beautiful henna prints on her hands

punjabi indian groom arriving by horse at his wedding

The groom arriving to the wedding venue on his horse

punjabi wedding photographer milni in melaka

The Milni welcome garlanding

punjabi wedding photographer melaka sehra sarvala

The Serbala aka grooms “best man”.

punjabi groom wearing sehra at wedding

Groom in his Sehra

brides entrance punjabi wedding melaka

The brides entrance

punjabi wedding garland exchange mandap Jaimala

The first part of the ceremony is the Jaimala (exchange of garlands) between the bride and groom on the Mandap

Bride performing hindu wedding ritualBride praying at punjabi wedding in MITCpunjabi wedding ceremonypunjabi wedding parents involvement in ceremony

The parent’s play an integral role in the ceremony

punjabi mandap wedding MITC melaka

The Mandap looked very beautiful

punjabi wedding ring exchange

The ring exchange

punjabi wedding couple


punjabi wedding tease groom

The girls teasing the groom

punjabi wedding teasing groom

Money opens doors!

punjabi wedding photography melaka

Bride, groom and sarvala resting up after the negotiations for entry

punjabi doli ceremony

Doli ceremony as the bride leaves her home

wedding banquet grand entrance at the equatorial melaka

The bride and grooms grand entry into the ballroom at the Equatorial Hotel in Melaka

punjabi wedding melaka equatorial hotel banquet

The happy couple at the wedding banquet in the Equatorial hotel

Punjabi wedding banquet speeches at the Equatorial Melaka

The grooms speech was well received.

Punjabi wedding banquet speeches at the Equatorial Melaka

The grooms parents enjoyed their sons speech

Punjabi wedding banquet speeches at the Equatorial Melaka

Brides speech was touching

Punjabi bhangra at the Equatorial Melaka

Dance and Celebrate!

Punjabi bhangra at the Equatorial Melaka


punjabi wedding couple at the melaka equatorial hotel banquet

The happy couple at the wedding banquet in the Equatorial hotel

punjabi wedding banquet at the equatorial hotel melaka

The happy families

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