Smallest Wedding Ever in St Barnabas Church Klang

Originally posted 2013-06-20 11:31:40.

Agnes contacted me from Japan where she has been living for the past 8 years. She was coming back to Malaysia to get her marriage with her fiance Isao registered with the government. As she had been away for so long she was a bit out of touch with the wedding industry so asked me if I could:

  1. Arrange a wedding gown
  2. Arrange a suit for the groom
  3. Arrange a church
  4. Arrange a minister
  5. Arrange a make up and hair stylist
  6. Arrange a bouquet
  7. Arrange a wedding car
  8. Recommend a hotel for easy access to the church
  9. Draw up a timeline and co-ordinate the day – Hey I am a wedding planner!  BTW I worked in an event management company for 12 years!

That’s a tall order when you contact your wedding photographer a mere 2 1/2 weeks before the date! Even more so when you realise I was in the midst of a heavy shoot schedule with photography for the annual report with one of the big banks in KL as well as heading off to do the Perhentian “Trash the Dress” shoot you will find elsewhere on this web site. Other than the car which they found on line before I could get back to them (Perhentian is a remote place to do business from!) I organized and advised them with everything else. So yes WE CAME THROUGH!

We chose St Barnabas Klang as its a great wedding church and has nice air-conditioning! I also know the minister well so there were no issues. We respect the rules the church puts in place for us. (Photographers: Please remember that in a church you are a guest and you should always respect the location).

This is not the smallest wedding we have shot, its TIED with two others we have done. One in Four Seasons and the other in Assumption. All three had a bride, a groom, and officiant and ….us. In this wedding blessing both myself and the makeup artist were called on to be witnesses 🙂

The ceremony was very moving and significant for both Agnes and Isao.

Afterwards we spent about 30 minutes taking portraits before heading back to the hotel. Job well done.

Thank you for the wonderful memories!



Grant Corban Photography