Pastor Albert Kang and Grace Ong’s Wedding

Classic Wedding portrait with green trees
Believe it or not this is in KL

Reverend Albert Kang is a wonderful and deeply respected Malaysian pastor. His wedding to Grace Ong  was a very special and touching one. I will not tell his deep and rich story here but if you ever meet him buy him a Teh Tarik and ask him to share his life journey with you. A link to his ministry page is here. If the link ever breaks please advise me and I will update it.

The WHOLE wedding was very, very touching. God has blessed him richly with his wonderful wife. It was a really good wedding from start to finish.

Cameras used: Nikon D200, Canon 20D, Canon 5D Mk1

Brides lace gloves

The brides gown and gloves were beautiful

Grace with her handsome husband before the ceremony

Grace with her handsome husband at the beginning of the ceremony

church wedding worship

Come on and celebrate!

yellow wedding cake icing

View from the wedding cake

page boy photo

The page boy seemed to be the most nervous on the day

Bride and Groom wedding

Overjoyed to finally be together at the altar

Groom wedding vows

The wedding vows

weddign ideas communion mass

Their first communion

bride and groom leave the church


Yellow Wedding cake

Let’s cut the cake!

wedding group photos

Friends from the church

Beautiful Chinese Bride

The beaming bride

Groom portrait

The happy husband

Bridal couple portrait kuala lumpur

The lovely couple together

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