Mark and Liz’s Wedding at St Katherines, Teversal, Nottinghamshire

Mark and Liz Barleys Wedding St-Katherines, Teversal, Nottingham
Mark and Liz Barleys Wedding St-Katherines in Teversal, Nottingham

Mark and Liz’s wedding was in July, 2006 at St Katherines in the village of Teversal, in Nottinghamshire. Robin Hoods territory. This was the first of a series of weddings I covered in the UK which spawned off a wedding I had covered in Kuala Lumpur for one of there friends. It was at that time that we made our acquaintances and Mark and Liz took a gamble in having us come out to photograph their wedding for them. Hock Seng and I stayed in Nottingham proper, within walking distance of the train station, but headed out to Teversal to cover the bridal prep, wedding and reception.

The church selected for the wedding ceremony was St Katherines in Teversal. Originally built in 1170, parts of this church are over EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS OLD! Other parts of the church are more modern and date from the 17th and 18th centuries. The interior is original.

The wedding breakfast was held at the Cockliffe Country House Hotel & Restaurant. I am including a separate post for that part of the wedding here as there are simply too many photos for one page.

For photographers reading this, a couple of lesson to be learned. Both Hock Seng and myself were shooting with the at the time, top of the line Canon 20D. I have since then switched to predominantly Nikon but that is another story entirely. We shot in RAW, and this was way back in 2006. Here’s a couple of things I learned. First, camera technology has advanced staggeringly since then. Just viewing the RAW files which I still have, shows me that todays cameras are so much better, so stay up with technology. The amount of extraneous colour noise artifacts from the 20Ds even at low ISO’s is disappointing when viewed with todays camera technology in mind. The second lesson has everything to do with why we shoot in RAW format. The RAW processing software we have today meant I could re-edit these images and extract a TON more data out of the photos than I could back in 2006 when these were taken. This was especially apparent in the retention of detail in the highlight and shadow detail areas. Detail in blown highlights came back, as dis shadow area details. The addition of lens correction algorithms in modern editing software has made many of the photos look new. I have made them an unexpected gift to Mark and Liz more than 6 years after their wedding.

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