John and Ai Wees Wedding at the Holy Rosary Church in Brickfields and Dinner Banquet at the Hilton Sentral

John and Ai Wee had a wonderful wedding day. Starting with a tasteful ceremony in the Holy Rosary church in Brickfields , then on to a Chinese tea ceremony and dinner banquet at the Hilton Sentral in Kuala Lumpur. It was a fantastic fun filled evening. (BTW the Hilton Sentral’s rooms have all been revamped since this wedding).

Please note the following images are a transfer from my old web site and therefore may be of lower resolution than later postings.

A Ballroom Wedding Reception at the Hilton Sentral Kuala Lumpur

Jonathan and Sherinas wedding reception was held in the Hilton Sentrals ballroom in Kuala Lumpur. Guests came from all over the world to experience their celebration. The bouquet toss was humourous!

Please note the following images are a transfer from my old lower resolution website and therefore are of lower resolution than later postings. They are best viewed on a phone.

Event Group Photo at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Group Photo at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Group Photo at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Group Photo at Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur

Just a quick post today. I was covering an event at the Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur in Sentral this morning for the INCF event. I was asked to do a group photo for it so got to work. Part of a successful group photo is to feel at ease in front of a crowd of strangers and chat away in a good natured manner explaining what you need from them. Once they know you are wanting to make them look good people will work with you. Important when it is warm and muggy outside. Note the smiles and that everyone is visible. I asked some of them to stand on tip toes in order to achieve that.

This photo was taken with a 24mm lens. This focal length is usually classed as too wide for groups shots because people on the corners start to distort. Switching to anything wider would have been very noticeable and introduced branches from the trees that were adjacent to me into the sides and top of the frame. I would have been happier going to 35mm for a more pleasing photo, but in this case it was simply impossible. That said, the hotel was happy and have a copy of the photo for their future clients reference. Thumbs up.

Pre Wedding Portraits at the Aloft Hotel in KL Sentral


This set of pre wedding portraits were taken at the Aloft hotel in KL Sentral. The Aloft Hotel is a really nice location for weddings and one of  the really interesting features of the hotel is that the wedding couple can drive their wedding car right up and INTO the ballroom. Cool or what?pre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentralpre-wedding-portraits-aloft-kl-sentral


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