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Photos of food and for the Asia Food Channel

Fresh Lobster in Episode restaurant publika

Food Photography Shoot in Episode Restaurant at Publika

Episode Restaurant in Publika is a fantastic place owned by Wolfgang. His vision is to provide great food at reasonable prices. Believe me, the food is AWESOME. They serve lobster just how I like it. The owner is a food importer for many hotels and restaurants and saw a niche market for providing quality food at affordable prices.  The photos below were shot using medium format PhaseOne and small format Sony A7 cameras. If you would like to know more their facebook page is here. BeautifulView full post »

portrait sherson lian asian food channel

Behind the scenes at Asian Food Channels “Family Kitchen” with Sherson Lian

I was asked to take behind the scenes photos for a TV production called “Family Kitchen” starring Sherson Lian which is shown on the Asian Food Channel. The photo shoot was for 4 days and part of the brief necessitated shooting and moving quietly while the TV camera’s were rolling. I looked at my equipment and it was a no brainer that I leave the professional looking DSLRs at home and take my Fuji X-T1. Why the X-T1? Because it is quiet. In fact it is absolutely SILENT, whichView full post »