Yes and Oyen’s wedding at Ciao Restaurant

Wedding at Ciao Restaurant
Yes and Oyen’s wedding portraits at Ciao Restaurant

Yes and Oyen called me to be the wedding photographer for their wedding at Ciao Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. It was a dream come true for Yes as she had been eyeing me up to cover her wedding for close on 7 years! Only problem was no groom(!) a common problem these days. Then Oyen popped into her life and sure enough after checking dates it was fantastic that we could cover Yes’s big day!  This is the new Ciao. I had shot several weddings at the old one…some of them so long ago that everything was FILM based(!?!) This newer venue is really pleasant and the wedding was a small intimate affair with close friends and family. Everyone at the table was able to give a speech and many were very touching. As both Yes and Oyen are in the music industry, along with several of their guests, there were some lovely songs “gifted” to the couple, one of which was written specifically for them. A great wedding and one of those I will treasure the memories of for a very long time.

Ciao Restaurant Wedding Table setup

Table set up for the wedding dinner

Ciao Restaurant Wedding Table Decor

A closer look at the table decor. Shot with a Nikon 85 f1.4

Bride and Groom at Ciao Restaurant wedding

We did some outdoor portraits but there was minimal light.

Beautiful wedding portrait at Ciao Restaurant wedding

Portraits by the bar

Outside photo of ciao restaurant at night

Photo of the exterior of Ciao restaurent at night

Groom at ciao restaurent wedding

The groom is a nice quiet guy, and a great musician

friends speech at ciao restaurent wedding

With a small intimate wedding everyone got a chance to give a speech

friends speech at ciao restaurent wedding

Another speech

friends at wedding in Ciao

Two of the lovely ladies in attendance

friends speech at ciao restaurent wedding

And another speech

bride and groom cutting cake at ciao restaurant wedding

Cutting the cake…with attitude! 🙂

bride and groom cutting cake at ciao restaurant wedding

Traditionally, the bride and groom feed each other some of the cake.

band at ciao restaurant wedding

One of the band members wrote a song especially for the couple

brides speech at ciao restaurant wedding

The bride finally gave a speech

door gift idea for weddings

The lovely thank you gifts


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