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A list of all the latest family, corporate, model shoots and wedding photography shoots in a chronological order. This is by no means and extensive list. It takes time to put posts together and the busier I am the less likely for me to update here. I am also constrained by server space.

Wedding at Renewal Lutheran Church Oasis of Care PJ of Sarah and Louis

Wedding at Renewal Lutheran Church of Sarah and Louis

“Thank you for all the photos, they’re so lovely! It was very thoughtful of U to add the little surprise in as well 🙂 “~ Sarah Sarah an Louis celebrated their wedding at Renewal Lutheran Church aka Oasis of Care, in Petaling Jaya.  It is a really warm and wonderful church. I have shot 3 or 4 weddings there over the years and I still remember the first time I was there how friendly the staff were. The wedding itself began with a Tea Ceremony at home, and then on to the churchView full post »

Portrait photo with the Fuji X-T2 shot with the XF 18-55mm R.

Hands on mini review of the just announced Fujifilm X-T2

Portrait photo with the Fuji X-T2 shot with the XF 18-55mm R. A possible future Fuji Ambassador? The Fuji X-T2 shot with the XF 18-55mm R At last the Fujifilm X-T2 has been announced! For the past few months I was privileged to be one of the beta testers for the X-T2 prototype camera, in exchange for reporting back back to Japan regarding handling and improvements. I am a working photographer (not a reviewer) and have been shooting a large variety of photos with it, including His RoyalView full post »

prince andrew duke of york malaysia visit mandarin oriental

Prince Andrew the Duke of York at the Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur

His Royal Highness Prince Andrew the Duke of York is visiting Malaysia currently and carrying out many of the diplomatic functions he does on a regular basis. This visit to Malaysia has a very heavy schedule and included visiting the war graves of troops who fought and died in the defense of Malaya. Monday evening he was scheduled to be the at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur to address the Alumni of the University of Huddersfield. The event was hosted by the BritishView full post »

Kiran Jassal, Miss Universe Malaysia 2016

The Beautiful Kiran Jassal, Miss Universe Malaysia 2016

The lovely Kiran Jassal, Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 graced my studio a few days ago and I decided I would be remiss not to post about it. She does a lot of Miss Universe related activity and photo shoots are part of this. Her entourage came in and once she was ready we proceeded to do several costumes including swim suits and gowns. I will post up a few of the photos below. BTW Please use the hash tags below to follow her. All the best at the bigView full post »

interior design photography kuala lumpur

Interior Design Photography taken with the Fujifilm X-T1 and 10-24mm

Recently I was asked to do an interior design shoot for a show home that is going to be featured in a European home style magazine. I brought along a full frame DSLR mounted on a tripod with the intention of shooting tethered composites using multi-flash. However as the shoot developed, and due to both time and constraints on positioning of the camera I reached into my bag and pulled out my trusty Fuji-film X-T1 and mounted the the very handy 10mm-24mm F4 lens. This lens gives a ultra wideView full post »

Wedding at Hilton Auckland Emma and Aiden

Emma and Aidans Wedding at the Hilton Hotel in Auckland New Zealand

Emma and Aidans wedding was held on a glorious summers day at the Hilton Hotel situated on Princes wharf in Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland is my home town and it was certainly a treat to head down there with my shooting partner Pacino Wong so we could capture this really spectacular wedding. The gown was beautiful and the pastel colours of the bridesmaids dresses was really pretty. Aiden and the lads really looked smart too. Hope you enjoy it. And if you are in Auckland planning a wedding,View full post »

Testing of Lighting for Shell Stations

Commercial and Industrial Photography

This commercial photography session was in a large factory owned and run by a large signage manufacturer in Nilai, Malaysia. If you are living in Malaysia you have no doubt seen their work before. Every Mercedes, Petron, Shell, Pizza Hut, KFC…well just about all the big companies who require signage use this company. Techniques used for these photos are subtle, as the location required “light painting” and multiple layered exposures to give quality images. Testing of LightingView full post »

Nikon 200mm F2.0 bokeh

Nikon 200mm F2.0 VR Bokeh Balls compared to Canons 70-200 VR2 and Fujis X-T1 with 56mm and 90mm

While I have the Nikon 200mm F2.0 VR I wanted to do a quick test to compare the bokeh of the portrait lenses I have on hand. These are the Canon 70-200 F2.8 VR2, arguably the best 70-200mm F2.8 in the market, along with the Fuji 56mm F1.2 and 90mm F2. Until recently I had the Canon 85mm 1.2 and the Canon 135mm F2.0. I have sold both with no regrets. The 135mm F2.0 was redundant since I prefer the look of the 200mm end of the 70-200mm F2.8 which has stabilisation thrown in as well. And the 85mmView full post »

Nikon 200m F2.0 portrait bokeh review

Nikon 200mm F2.0 VR Model Portraits

Nikon 200m F2.0 at 1/200 sec. ISO 1250 I have the Nikon 200mm F2.0 VR on loan from Nikon for a week, one of the benefits of being an NPS member. The purpose was to shoot a Christmas production but I decided to take advantage of it to shoot one of my favorite models around town and will be using it for an upcoming portrait shoot later in the week. If you read nothing else: The Nikon 200mm F2.0 VR is one of those lenses you can’t help but fall in love with. It snaps into tack sharp focusView full post »

Wedding portrait on top of Menara KL wedding

Wedding on Top of Menara KL (KL Tower)

Leena and Ravin’s wedding was held on top of Menara KL.  Leena is based in Qatar so we communicated on line to sort out all of the main details for the wedding. The big concern was that it has been the rainy season in KL and so we were all a bit nervous, especially because the day before the rain had been very heavy. Fortunately the two heavy deluges we could see from the tower during the ceremony completely missed us and we had a really nice experience. The wedding banquet was also heldView full post »

Princess Elsa Birthday Cake

Frozen Themed Birthday Party with Princess Elsa Cake

Welcome to Arendelle! Queen Ayesha celebrated her 3rd birthday with a totally awesome “Frozen” themed party. Mum and dad made her a very special party….absolutely wonderful!  The level of detail just made me go “Wow!” Please enjoy the photos included below. The entry to Arendelle – BTW house number is obfuscated I am going to show lots of detail photos of this Frozen themed birthday …detail photos… …detail photos… …detailView full post »

bishops 50th birthday celebration

A Bishops Birthday

Bishop Popsons church gave him a wonderful 50th Birthday Celebration this weekend. Many of the congregation gave testimony of his dedication in helping them as well as the impact of ministries he is supporting back in his homeland of Nigeria. The church is multicultural, which is one of the beauties of this fine country. I really felt welcomed and it was a privilege to be part of the celebrations. The food afterwards was most excellent too! The Birthday Cake Originally posted 2015-10-25View full post »

birthday party at W Cafe Encorp

Hello Kitty Themed 1st Birthday Party

Yi Hui’s 1st birthday party had a Hello Kitty theme. It was held at the “W” Cafe at the Encorp Strand. The pink Hello Kitty theme was perfect for a 1 year old girl. One of the good things about hiring a photographer to cover a birthday is so you dont have to worry about running around trying to shoot moments as they happen. It enables you to enjoy yourself and you get back a lot more photos than you would have taken. Originally posted 2015-10-25 11:00:19.View full post »

Putra heights Birthday

Adriels 1st Birthday in Putra Heights

Adriel’s 1st Birthday was held at home in Putra Heights. There is nothing quite like having a children’s party to fill you with joy. In Malaysia it is a long accepted custom to put up marquees onto the street when having a wedding, birthday or wake. All races do it and drivers respect the practice. One of the problems at night is lighting them sufficiently for photography. Sharp eyed people will notice the use of off camera flash in these photos. In fact I do point out in one of theView full post »

sikh portrait photography

Sikh Birthday Celebrated at the Gurdwara

I was asked to cover the 1st birthday and baby dedication at a Sikh Gurdwara last weekend. The ceremony began with some prayers, then we went out to do some portraiture while we waited for the guests to arrive. Then the main blessing ceremony was conducted followed by the cool Mickey Mouse cake and party.  As can be seen it was a colourful affair The photos below are small sample of the 350 images taken. Sitting with Grandad Cute as a button Family portrait Getting tired about now SikhView full post »

Group Photo at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Event Group Photo at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

Group Photo at Le Méridien, Kuala Lumpur Just a quick post today. I was covering an event at the Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur in Sentral this morning for the INCF event. I was asked to do a group photo for it so got to work. Part of a successful group photo is to feel at ease in front of a crowd of strangers and chat away in a good natured manner explaining what you need from them. Once they know you are wanting to make them look good people will work with you. Important when it is warm and muggyView full post »

kl hilton sentral wedding dinner main door decor

A Wedding in Saint Barnabas Klang and Wedding reception at the KL Sentral Hilton

Annie and Andre’s wedding was a split affair between the traditional Bidayuh wedding in Kuching, Sarawak and dinner at the Hilton in KL Sentral. I only covered the Kuala Lumpur side, which included a church wedding at Saint Barnabas church in Klang. The decor at the Hilton was stunning. Really fine affair with everyone dressed up for a fantastic evening out. You cannot have a Bidayuh wedding without the traditional Tuak. It is called a rice wine but in reality it is much more like Sake orView full post »

corporate shoot photography

Corporate Photography for Vipod

I did a series of head shots for an international investment company recently. They liked the this photo a lot. Originally posted 2015-07-23 02:37:01.View full post »

A Childrens birthday party at the Raintree in KL

I shoot birthdays quite frequently. The birthday featured below was a pool side one at the Raintree in KL. It included swimming, a clown, balloon artist and of course a nice birthday cake. Birthday photography is all about capturing the children having fun. Photographing the event is usually quite hard for the parents who are busy entertaining their children, or in the pool, or making sure the cake doesn’t melt! I make sure my rates are clear, simple, fair and straight forward, and thisView full post »

corporate head shot photography by grant corban

Corporate Head Shot Photography for Atlantis Capital

These photos were taken in one of the studios I regularly use for corporate head shot photography. Everyone (yes I mean you!) should have a current head shot photo. Head shots are important for every one in business, whether it is for LinkedIn, Facebook, resumes or web site purposes. A good one can get you an interview, while a poor one will get you passed over when they are short listing candidates. I offer very good rates for these. Technical: Photos were taken with an 85mm F1.2 hence theView full post »

Fresh Lobster in Episode restaurant publika

Food Photography Shoot in Episode Restaurant at Publika

Episode Restaurant in Publika is a fantastic place owned by Wolfgang. His vision is to provide great food at reasonable prices. Believe me, the food is AWESOME. They serve lobster just how I like it. The owner is a food importer for many hotels and restaurants and saw a niche market for providing quality food at affordable prices.  The photos below were shot using medium format PhaseOne and small format Sony A7 cameras. If you would like to know more their facebook page is here. BeautifulView full post »

Fujifilm 56mm F1.2R vs APD Bokeh

Fujifilm 56mm F1.2R vs 56mm F1.2 APD Bokeh Comparison at a Wedding

Now it’s time to go to a wedding with the final installment of this real world test. As weddings are incredibly fast moving there are limited opportunities to actually set up a tripod and play lens switching with a bride and groom waiting around for me. So this set of photos is strictly limited to while we were waiting at the dinner venue. I DID shoot the bride and groom’s portraits with the 56mm F1.2 APD and at other times during the day but as this is a comparison I am notView full post »

Fujifilm 56mm F1.2R vs APD Bokeh

Fujifilm 56mm F1.2R vs 56mm F1.2 APD Model Shoot Comparison

This model shoot was a really fun project. Having an experienced model really helps the shoot run smoothly. As before all photos taken at F1.2 in aperture priority on a tripod. Let’s see how the 56mm F1.2 APD stacks up against the R. 56mm F1.2R looks nice 56mm f1.2 APD – Subtle improvement over the standard 56mm. 56mm F1.2R again nice. 56mm f1.2 APD – Look at the detail/bokeh in the flowers behind the model. 56mm F1.2R looking good again 56mm f1.2 APD- Compare the yellowView full post »

Fujifilm 55mm F1.2R and APD Comparison test

Fujifilm 56mm F1.2R vs 56mm F1.2 APD Corporate Shoot Comparison

Side by side the 56mm F1.2R and APD version look nearly identical I had an opportunity recently to compare the Fujifilm 56mm F1.2R with the newer APD version. They are both currently in production so the Fuji user has a choice on which to purchase. The APD version is about 60-70% more expensive. That’s about USD600 which may or may not be a major factor in your decision to purchase the lens. It is designed for the portraitist with the goal of controlling bokeh. Some disclosure. I own theView full post »

drug rehabiltation center kuala lumpur malaysia medical photography

A Medical Drug Rehabiltation Center in Kuala Lumpur

The University of Florida contacted me to take photos of one of their post-graduate medical students at work in one of the drug rehab centres he has been working with since the middle of last year. It was sobering to meet people with HIV and Hepatitis C. I found my heart going out to them as they struggle, often alone except for the sterling service provided by the medical staff at these centres. I had to be very discreet with shooting due to the sensitivity. I am including on my web siteView full post »

Childrens Full Moon Party at delicious

Children’s Full Moon Party at Delicious

I do a fair number of Full Moon parties for families and thought I should start sharing. So here we go.  Steve’s was held at Delicious in Bangsar. Food was great. Company was friendly and fun. And the star of the show was on his cutest best behaviour. The cake looked wonderful and tasted even better! I’m done….nap time. Originally posted 2015-05-23 18:37:58.View full post »

portrait sherson lian asian food channel

Behind the scenes at Asian Food Channels “Family Kitchen” with Sherson Lian

I was asked to take behind the scenes photos for a TV production called “Family Kitchen” starring Sherson Lian which is shown on the Asian Food Channel. The photo shoot was for 4 days and part of the brief necessitated shooting and moving quietly while the TV camera’s were rolling. I looked at my equipment and it was a no brainer that I leave the professional looking DSLRs at home and take my Fuji X-T1. Why the X-T1? Because it is quiet. In fact it is absolutely SILENT, whichView full post »

toy story themed childrens birthday party

Toy Story Themed Childrens Birthday Photography

Covered a wonderfully planned Toy Story themed birthday party recently in Setia Alam. Photos below Zerg! Pizzas ooooo Barbies party Bo Peeps sheep were a hit Lego of me! Finger painted tree Daniel turned 2! The beaming family Originally posted 2015-05-16 18:18:51.View full post »

Baptism at St Thomas More Church in Subang

Baptism at Thomas More Church in Subang

I do a lot of family photography shoots to mark mile stones in families lives. For Roman Catholics one of the first of these is when their baby is baptized. Early in May I was asked to photograph one of these momentous events at St Thomas More church in USJ Subang. I try to keep these shoots very affordable for couples and tend to do a lot of them. Christian baptism can be carried out by pouring, dipping, sprinkling and full immersion. Roman Catholic and Anglican churches usually practicedView full post »

testore violin yuko kawami musician photography philharmonic

A Musician Portfolio Shoot

Yuko was a violinist with the Malaysian Philharmonic (Dewan Filharmonik) who asked me to take some portfolio photos for her with her beautiful Testore violin as she was transferring over seas.  I occasionally ask to do photography for musicians and I love doing them. She also owns a really nice cat! For those who are interested: Nikon D3 and 85mm f1.4G. Shot on location in her apartment. Purrrrrrrr-fect Originally posted 2015-04-28 12:16:45.View full post »

The Delightful DJ Yoon from One FM Malaysia

DJ Yoon is a Chinese radio DJ (Mandarin stations) in Malaysia and I was taking photos with her in a studio for a local product shoot. Originally posted 2015-04-21 02:04:38.View full post »

felixia yeap model shoot in kitchen

The Lovely Model Felixia Yeap during a Food Product Shoot

I spent a very pleasant morning with the Malaysian model Felixia Yeap. She was absolutely delightful and as a model very easy to work with. This was part of a product shoot and includes photos of Felixia in the kitchen and relaxing on a couch. Tips for girls wanting to be a model, feel relaxed in front of the camera and change poses quickly every time you hear the shutter click.   Originally posted 2015-04-21 01:17:43.View full post »

The jetty at the Perhentian Island Resort

A Bulgarian/Punjabi wedding dinner at the Perhentian Island Resort

Recently I travelled up to Perhentian island off the east coast of Malaysia to cover a Bulgarian/Punjabi wedding. It was a pretty intense  5-6 hour trip as I ran from one wedding in KL to the airport for my flight, land travel then boat to get to the venue which was the Perhentian Island Resort. Within minutes of arrival I was able to set up my gear and get shooting the walk in for the sumptuous barbecue wedding dinner. There were a number of interesting Bulgarian traditions including theView full post »

intimate pastel wedding at the four seasons langkawi malaysia by Grant Corban photography

An Intimate Pastel Themed Wedding at the Four Seasons Langkawi

Steve and Natalia are from the UK and Russia respectively, and decided to have a beautiful intimate pastel themed wedding at one of my favourite resorts, the Four Seasons in Langkawi. Only two of the family could make it out to Malaysia and it was a wonderful experience despite it being one of the hottest days I can remember while shooting at this location. Steve enjoyed it so much he had a quick swim during the portrait session! The civil ceremony itself is usually fairly fast (5 minutes) so IView full post »

Beautiful and colourful bird cages penang tourism competition fuji xt1 18-55

E&O Penang Photography Competition at the 18 East at Andaman Quayside and Straits Quay Marina

E&O hotel is a colonial classic set up by the same brothers who established Raffles in Singapore. (iPhone) This week I participated in my first ever photography competition.The idea behind the competition was to promote the E&O properties which include 18 Andaman East. Through their Facebook page (Click here to see it or if the link is broken or expired do a search on Facebook for the 18 Andaman) they selected 9 amateur photographers out of several thousand, and decided to pair them upView full post »

Thean Hou Temple Fuji XT-1 56mm f1.2 APD lens Chinese New Year Model Portrait photography

Model Portrait shoot for Chinese New Year at the Thean Hou Temple with the Fuji X-T1 and 56mm APD f1.2

Just before Chinese New Year I had a test shoot with the new Fujifilm 56mm APD f1.2 lens on my X-T1. The model and I decided to go down to the Thean Hou Temple to conduct her Model shoot. I will be doing a review later on this lens but for now… Gong Xi Fa Cai     Originally posted 2015-02-17 14:36:59.View full post »