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Head shots and profile photography for resumes and general corporate usage

In Studio with Douglas Lim the Malaysian Comedian

It was my pleasure to see Douglas Lim in my studio recently to spruce up his online portfolio. Not so long ago I had the pleasure of covering his wedding day and we have kept in touch since that time. Douglas is a quite well known Malaysian comedian and his stand up is well worth the viewing. I am including only a small handful of the images below. Douglas Lim We started playing with some lighting Simulating the on stage look in the studioView full post »

Photoshoot for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Kimberley Leggett

Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Kimberley Leggett I was contacted to provide a photo shoot for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Kimberley Leggett for the run up to the Miss Universe 2012 finals in Vegas in December. Part of the experience for each contestant are the photo shoots in evening gowns and swimsuits so we simulated this experience to help Kimberley for her build up. Most Miss Universe contestants are not professional models (but many go on to become one) so these types of shoots are valuable.View full post »

Tan Sri Dr Augustine Soon Hock Ong

Tan Sri Dr Augustine Soon Hock Ong receiving Doctorate from Kings College

Tan Sri Dr Augustine Soon Hock Ong We covered the Kings College Alumni get together at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, Kuala Lumpur.  The highlight was Tan Sri Dr Augustine Soon Hock Ong receiving a Doctorate from Kings College UK. Tan Sri Dr Augustine Ong is the President of the Malaysian Oil Scientists’ and Technologists’ Association and fellow of the London Royal Society of Chemistry. Doctorate in hand Originally posted 2011-02-23 13:27:34.View full post »

KPMG Board of Directors and Senior Management, Kuala Lumpur

KPMG Board of Directors and Management

KPMG Board of Directors and Senior Management, Kuala Lumpur We get asked to cover boards of directors and senior management fairly regularly. These shoots are usually for annual reports as well as web site usage. This photo shoot was for KPMG Malaysia and we decided to make this a fairly fun shoot for everyone, as is evident in the photos. Originally posted 2010-11-30 14:09:01.View full post »

Joyce Goh of the Edge

Miss Joyce Goh of The Edge

Joyce Goh of the Edge Another shoot for an overseas business magazine. This time one of the writers for The Edge, a weekly Malaysian business paper that writes up on the Stock Exchange, investments, and other business news. Originally posted 2009-10-22 13:23:37.View full post »

Datuk Ranjit Singh Chairman, Securities Commission Malaysia

Datuk Ranjit Singh Chairman, Securities Commission Malaysia An Australian magazine approached us to photograph Datuk Ranjit Singh the Chairman of the Securities Commission in Malaysia Originally posted 2009-04-28 13:22:26.View full post »

Corporate Profile Photo Shoot in my Studio and Surrounds

I do a lot of corporate profile photo sessions at my studio in Petaling Jaya and thought I should post some images up from yesterdays shoot so people know what to expect. I believe photo sessions should be relaxed, enjoyable and fun. This ensures my subjects are relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera which is how we get the best look. Originally posted 2017-07-11 09:15:49.View full post »

CIMB corporate photography Sam Chay

Mr Sam Chay CIMB Group Tax

CIMB’s Sam Chay The Australian magazine “In the Black” required a photo for their editorial write up on Mr Sam Chay of CIMB for one of their stories. Originally posted 2008-06-17 15:57:19.View full post »

Profile photos for Web site, Facebook and Linkedin

I have been asked recently to do a number of profile photos for web sites, or their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. And as people ask me about the types of images I can do in my studio I have decided to post up these from a short session I did a week or so ago for the effervescent Rowena Morais. You can find out more about her and her professional writing and training services by visiting her web site here. As you can see I am able to do both natural and studio lighting styles in bothView full post »

The Beautiful Kiran Jassal, Miss Universe Malaysia 2016

The lovely Kiran Jassal, Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 graced my studio a few days ago and I decided I would be remiss not to post about it. She does a lot of Miss Universe related activity and photo shoots are part of this. Her entourage came in and once she was ready we proceeded to do several costumes including swim suits and gowns. I will post up a few of the photos below. BTW Please use the hash tags below to follow her. All the best at the bigView full post »

Corporate Photography for Vipod

I did a series of head shots for an international investment company recently. They liked the this photo a lot. Originally posted 2015-07-23 02:37:01.View full post »

Corporate Head Shot Photography for Atlantis Capital

These photos were taken in one of the studios I regularly use for corporate head shot photography. Everyone (yes I mean you!) should have a current head shot photo. Head shots are important for every one in business, whether it is for LinkedIn, Facebook, resumes or web site purposes. A good one can get you an interview, while a poor one will get you passed over when they are short listing candidates. I offer very good rates for these. Technical: Photos were taken with an 85mm F1.2 hence theView full post »

Corporate Head shots for the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

I do a lot of corporate head shots through out the year for company annual reports, web sites and Linked in Profiles. The following were shot for the for the New Zealand Malaysian Chamber of Commerce recently at my Petaling Jaya studio.  View full post »

Freda Liu of BFM

Portrait of Freda Liu of BFM

Freda Liu of BFM Just a quick post today as I am very busy at present with a variety of photography shoots: On Saturday I had a short studio portrait shoot with Freda Liu of BFM. It was a fun, relaxed photo shoot and we were finished in what seemed like no more than 60 minutes. For those who don’t know Freda (most probably those living outside of Malaysia) she is one of the producers and presenters of “Enterprise” and “Tech Talk” on BFM 89.9. She has conductedView full post »

Beautiful Wedding Car surrounded by pretty models

Jovian Mandagie & Carven Ong Fashion on the Catwalk at the Nikko

This shoot was taken in the Nikko Hotel at one of their bridal fairs. The bridal gowns were by Jovian Mandagie & Carven Ong Fashion. Gorgeous models including Xandra Ooi. Xandra Ooi in a beautiful red gown Xandra Ooi in a beautiful wedding gown Beautiful Wedding Car surrounded by the gorgeous models Originally posted 2013-05-24 11:15:00.View full post »