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chinese new year reunion dinner family studio photographer in petaling jaya

Chinese New Year Family Reunion Photo Sessions

Just a quick post today. I suddenly realised Chinese New Year is just around the corner! It is the time when families get together and celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year. Over the season I do a lot of family shoots, both in my studio as well as at some of the larger Chinese New Year reunion dinner celebrations. So that means if you are planning on booking me please let me know soon to avoid disappointment. In the meantime let me share what I usually do in the studio for familyView full post »

baby birthday cake smash studio

More Baby Cake Smashing Photography

Here is another baby cake smashings in my studio. No encouragement was required to set this cake on its way into wholesale demolition. Much fun!   Originally posted 2016-11-11 14:05:14.View full post »

Graduation Photo Studio Petaling Jaya

Graduation Photo Shoot for Belinda

Belinda graduated from Open University in Petaling Jaya. Conveniently my studio is right next door to Open University. Congratulations! Originally posted 2016-11-03 20:58:19.View full post »

Open University Graduation Photography in Petaling Jaya PJ

Graduation Photos at my PJ Studio

My studio is located next door to the open University in Petaling Jaya and is in an ideal location for doing graduation photos. Patricia graduated at the most recent convocation and popped in to the studio to have her family photos done. I approach it in the same manner as when I shoot weddings…pleasant friendly and shoot as many varieties of images as I can.   Originally posted 2016-10-31 11:34:28.View full post »

baby birthday cake smash

Baby Birthday Cake Smash

Babies First Birthday Cake Smashing is lots of fun! I seem to do a lot of them in my studio but haven’t been posting them. Time to change that! Babies are just so cute, and seeing them play with their birthday cake is super cute!   Originally posted 2016-10-27 10:50:40.View full post »

21st Birthday Photograhy

21st Birthday Photography

Here we have a lovely 21st Birthday party we shot recently. The party had a Mardi Gras theme and was a very special birthday party. My colleague and I had a lot of fun shooting for Tharsika and we wish her all the best for the coming year.   Originally posted 2016-08-01 01:59:38.View full post »

Family Studio Photographer Petaling Jaya PJ and KL

Family Photography in my PJ Studio

I have been asked by a number of people about family photography in my PJ studio, and so I decided to post up some shots from earlier today so people can see for themselves. I have chosen to go for a more modern look despite being asked fairly frequently for more traditional back grounds. People generally love the fresh clean look. Family shoots typically take about an hour, then they choose which photos they like the best which takes maybe 15 minutes or so. The whole process is fast andView full post »

Princess Elsa Birthday Cake

Frozen Themed Birthday Party with Princess Elsa Cake

Welcome to Arendelle! Queen Ayesha celebrated her 3rd birthday with a totally awesome “Frozen” themed party. Mum and dad made her a very special party….absolutely wonderful!  The level of detail just made me go “Wow!” Please enjoy the photos included below. The entry to Arendelle – BTW house number is obfuscated I am going to show lots of detail photos of this Frozen themed birthday …detail photos… …detail photos… …detailView full post »

bishops 50th birthday celebration

A Bishops Birthday

Bishop Popsons church gave him a wonderful 50th Birthday Celebration this weekend. Many of the congregation gave testimony of his dedication in helping them as well as the impact of ministries he is supporting back in his homeland of Nigeria. The church is multicultural, which is one of the beauties of this fine country. I really felt welcomed and it was a privilege to be part of the celebrations. The food afterwards was most excellent too! The Birthday Cake Originally posted 2015-10-25View full post »

birthday party at W Cafe Encorp

Hello Kitty Themed 1st Birthday Party

Yi Hui’s 1st birthday party had a Hello Kitty theme. It was held at the “W” Cafe at the Encorp Strand. The pink Hello Kitty theme was perfect for a 1 year old girl. One of the good things about hiring a photographer to cover a birthday is so you dont have to worry about running around trying to shoot moments as they happen. It enables you to enjoy yourself and you get back a lot more photos than you would have taken. Originally posted 2015-10-25 11:00:19.View full post »

Putra heights Birthday

Adriels 1st Birthday in Putra Heights

Adriel’s 1st Birthday was held at home in Putra Heights. There is nothing quite like having a children’s party to fill you with joy. In Malaysia it is a long accepted custom to put up marquees onto the street when having a wedding, birthday or wake. All races do it and drivers respect the practice. One of the problems at night is lighting them sufficiently for photography. Sharp eyed people will notice the use of off camera flash in these photos. In fact I do point out in one of theView full post »

sikh portrait photography

Sikh Birthday Celebrated at the Gurdwara

I was asked to cover the 1st birthday and baby dedication at a Sikh Gurdwara last weekend. The ceremony began with some prayers, then we went out to do some portraiture while we waited for the guests to arrive. Then the main blessing ceremony was conducted followed by the cool Mickey Mouse cake and party.  As can be seen it was a colourful affair The photos below are small sample of the 350 images taken. Sitting with Grandad Cute as a button Family portrait Getting tired about now SikhView full post »

A Childrens birthday party at the Raintree in KL

I shoot birthdays quite frequently. The birthday featured below was a pool side one at the Raintree in KL. It included swimming, a clown, balloon artist and of course a nice birthday cake. Birthday photography is all about capturing the children having fun. Photographing the event is usually quite hard for the parents who are busy entertaining their children, or in the pool, or making sure the cake doesn’t melt! I make sure my rates are clear, simple, fair and straight forward, and thisView full post »

Childrens Full Moon Party at delicious

Children’s Full Moon Party at Delicious

I do a fair number of Full Moon parties for families and thought I should start sharing. So here we go.  Steve’s was held at Delicious in Bangsar. Food was great. Company was friendly and fun. And the star of the show was on his cutest best behaviour. The cake looked wonderful and tasted even better! I’m done….nap time. Originally posted 2015-05-23 18:37:58.View full post »

toy story themed childrens birthday party

Toy Story Themed Childrens Birthday Photography

Covered a wonderfully planned Toy Story themed birthday party recently in Setia Alam. Photos below Zerg! Pizzas ooooo Barbies party Bo Peeps sheep were a hit Lego of me! Finger painted tree Daniel turned 2! The beaming family Originally posted 2015-05-16 18:18:51.View full post »

Baptism at St Thomas More Church in Subang

Baptism at Thomas More Church in Subang

I do a lot of family photography shoots to mark mile stones in families lives. For Roman Catholics one of the first of these is when their baby is baptized. Early in May I was asked to photograph one of these momentous events at St Thomas More church in USJ Subang. I try to keep these shoots very affordable for couples and tend to do a lot of them. Christian baptism can be carried out by pouring, dipping, sprinkling and full immersion. Roman Catholic and Anglican churches usually practicedView full post »

Outdoor Family photography in Bangsar

Studio and Garden Family Photography in Bangsar

The lead up to Chinese New Year was busy with a lot of family photography shoots. Some were in the studio while others were on location. This time we had a combination of both studio and garden.   Originally posted 2015-02-17 08:20:25.View full post »

friends reunion lunch party at kompassion in damansara kim

Reunion Luncheon Party at Kompassion in Damansara Kim

Tiffany was visiting from a long stint overseas and asked if I could join her and her friends for a reunion lunch come party at the Thai restaurant Kompassion in Damansara Kim. So I did. Originally posted 2015-02-15 13:51:36.View full post »

le meridien hotel clark ballroom 80th birthday and 50th wedding anniversary

80th Birthday and 50th Wedding Anniversary Combo Celebration at the Clark Ballroom in the Le Meridien Hotel

Valentines Day 2015.  CY Hiew was blessed with a lovely Valentines Day combination celebration at the Clark ballroom in the Le Meridien hotel. It was his 80th birthday as well as 50th Wedding Anniversary with his lovely wife. The event was organized by his children and they blessed their father by displaying his milestones for his guests to enjoy. One of the highlights was the family tree, tracing the family lineage back 50 generations (800 years) to the Song dynasty. I just received a whatssapView full post »

family photography westin hotel photographer

1st Birthday Party Baby Photography at the Westin Hotel

Natalie’s 1st Birthday was held at pool side at the Westin hotel and featured family, friends, ice cream (Yummy!), birthday treats and a balloon sculpting clown. It was a fun and relaxed afternoon. Later we did some family portraits pool side. This was also my first experience with the new Fuji 56mm APD f1.2. Unlike Canon’s 85mm f1.2 this lens inspires confidence because it focuses faster than the Canon, and is almost always in sharp focus.   Originally posted 2015-02-07View full post »

Sri’s Tongue-in-Cheek Fun Graduation Shoot

Sri wanted to have fun with his shoot. So we did! Not the normal Graduation photo shoot but something quite different, and a LOT of FUN! Originally posted 2017-10-26 22:42:43.View full post »

Taylors university Graduation Photography Studio Petaling Jaya

A Double Graduation Studio Photo Shoot

What is better than one graduation?  TWO of course!! This was originally going to be Eric’s Graduation from Taylors University college but since his sister was back from studying medicine in Kursk the family decided to do two Graduation Photoshoots together. As you can see we had a lot of fun. I like joking with families to help them relax in front of the camera. As you can see from the samples below they received a great photo shoot. Originally posted 2017-10-14 21:13:43.View full post »

baby family portraits malaysia

Family Portraits and Birthday Photography in Malaysia

For years, I’ve been known as a wedding photographer but what people don’t know is that many of my couples go on to grow their families and when they need great birthday or family portraits, guess who they call? I love shooting kids…every shot is different and every shot tells a story. Call me to book a session if you want some great photos of your kids and family that tell a story or capture a memory. Pricing starts from an extremely affordable RM300 for shoots in the studio.View full post »

studio family photography in puchong

Family Portrait Photography in a Puchong Studio

I do family photography in various studios or on location all over KL. This one is in Puchong for one of my former colleagues.   Originally posted 2013-08-09 17:52:34.View full post »

grant corban photography birthday party dinner port dixon

Birthday and Anniversary Photography

Birthday party by the sea in Port Dixon I have had some enquiries whether I shoot birthdays as a photographer. Yes I do! I shoot birthdays for newborns, full moons, 5th birthdays, 30th, 40th, 65th and 80th birthdays as well as anniversaries. As many of these shoots are for children, VIPs and others who wish to keep their birthday celebrations discreet and private, I do not post these on-line. Please contact me for details. One of the recommendations I have for birthdays: “I hired Grant toView full post »

Graduation Photo Studio Petaling Jaya

Michael’s Graduation and Family Photo Shoot

Michael’s family combined his graduation photography shoot with a family shoot. A change of vlothes and background was all that was needed. The photo shoot took about an hour. Graduation Photo Studio Petaling Jaya Originally posted 2017-07-12 22:05:30.View full post »