Results: Product and Manufacturing

Architecture, product and manufacturing photography sessions

Testing of Lighting for Shell Stations

Commercial and Industrial Photography

This commercial photography session was in a large factory owned and run by a large signage manufacturer in Nilai, Malaysia. If you are living in Malaysia you have no doubt seen their work before. Every Mercedes, Petron, Shell, Pizza Hut, KFC…well just about all the big companies who require signage use this company. Techniques used for these photos are subtle, as the location required “light painting” and multiple layered exposures to give quality images. Testing of LightingView full post »

drug rehabiltation center kuala lumpur malaysia medical photography

A Medical Drug Rehabiltation Center in Kuala Lumpur

The University of Florida contacted me to take photos of one of their post-graduate medical students at work in one of the drug rehab centres he has been working with since the middle of last year. It was sobering to meet people with HIV and Hepatitis C. I found my heart going out to them as they struggle, often alone except for the sterling service provided by the medical staff at these centres. I had to be very discreet with shooting due to the sensitivity. I am including on my web siteView full post »

testore violin yuko kawami musician photography philharmonic

A Musician Portfolio Shoot

Yuko was a violinist with the Malaysian Philharmonic (Dewan Filharmonik) who asked me to take some portfolio photos for her with her beautiful Testore violin as she was transferring over seas.  I occasionally ask to do photography for musicians and I love doing them. She also owns a really nice cat! For those who are interested: Nikon D3 and 85mm f1.4G. Shot on location in her apartment. Purrrrrrrr-fect Originally posted 2015-04-28 12:16:45.View full post »

The Delightful DJ Yoon from One FM Malaysia

DJ Yoon is a Chinese radio DJ (Mandarin stations) in Malaysia and I was taking photos with her in a studio for a local product shoot. Originally posted 2015-04-21 02:04:38.View full post »

felixia yeap model shoot in kitchen

The Lovely Model Felixia Yeap during a Food Product Shoot

I spent a very pleasant morning with the Malaysian model Felixia Yeap. She was absolutely delightful and as a model very easy to work with. This was part of a product shoot and includes photos of Felixia in the kitchen and relaxing on a couch. Tips for girls wanting to be a model, feel relaxed in front of the camera and change poses quickly every time you hear the shutter click.   Originally posted 2015-04-21 01:17:43.View full post »

Hartalega Nitrile Gloves for chemistry 0002

Hartalega Nitrile and Latex Gloves Product Shoot

These photos are from a recent product photography shoot we did for Hartelega. Hartelega employs about 6,000 people and make 1 BILLION gloves per month, mostly for export. They are an OEM rubber glove producer for medical companies all over the world including Japan and the USA. The term “rubber gloves” covers both Latex and Nitrile glove materials. Nitrile gloves complement normal latex gloves as they are more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids** and are about 300%View full post »

Annual Report Photography for Hartalega

Unless you are in the industry, many people don’t know that Malaysia is well known worldwide for making rubber gloves for many international brands. I know I didn’t until we headed down to Hartalega to take photos for some of their managers and directors for their Annual Report. I will do some posting of our product shoot – in which I was the hand model! 🙂 – in another posting but for now lets see how great their managers look. These images were shot in their new officeView full post »

Annual Report Trophy and Award Photography

This is an ongoing project we are working on at present for an upcoming annual report. We are shooting on location and are bringing a full lighting set up and backgrounds on site. Being a photographer for trophies and awards has quite different challenges than photographing people. While there may be a lot more control over lighting, the reflections and transparency of the crystal and glass pose their own challenges. One of these is making sure the lettering is readable. White lettering on aView full post »

Astalift show room in Menara Axis

Fujifilm and Astalift show room in Menara Axis

Fujifilm asked us to do a corporate shoot for them at their Menara Axis, Petaling Jaya Office for the launching of their new product Astalift. Astalift is pretty much a house hold brand name in Japan, and ranks in the same stratospheric market of skin products as SK-II. I have personally used their gel and I can tell you it is really good stuff! Here is an info blurb from their web site: “Created by FUJIFILM, ASTALIFT is an award-winning brand that offers carefully-researched skincare andView full post »

chef martin yan in malaysia on TV set for the asia food channel

Behind the scenes at Martin Yans Asian Favorites on the Asian Food Channel

Chef Martin Yan was in Malaysia to shoot a series of shows for the Asian Food Channel called Asian Favorites. The link to the show can be found here and you will see a lot more photos I took for them. I wanted to put up some of the behind the scenes photos on my web site as it goes to show all the behind people and work that goes into a TV show like this. Guest chefs on the show included Chef Datuk Fazley Yaakob and Vietnamese Chef Hoang Minh Nhat. On TV and movie sets anyone using a cameraView full post »