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Hello and welcome to the site! I am a New Zealander who moved to Asia close to 30 years ago. I set up my photography business about 20 years ago, and I have been very busy ever since!

I have photographed many interesting people including Arsene Wenger, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, HRH Prince Andrew, Chef Yan and I can confirm the Yan can cook! I have also covered weddings and events for many Malaysian celebrities, VIPs and royalty. My work has been featured in magazines like Top Gear, FHM, Harpers Bazaar as well as publications in Japan, Australia and the USA. Several camera manufacturers have asked me to be a presenter at their camera launches and I have been a tester of some of the new and exciting cameras and lens systems prior or during their launches.

My work has been in wedding magazines in Japan and Malaysia, while my corporate work has been used commercially in the US, Australia and New Zealand (including FHM, Harper’s Bazaar and Top Gear). We have been featured on local TV, radio and newspapers.

We have covered many destination weddings in Bali, Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Chang Mai), Hoi An Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia (Perhentian, Langkawi, Pangkor Laut). Our style is candid and fun, mixed with classic timeless portraits. We believe YOU come first.


I am probably best known in Malaysia for Wedding Photography. Over the years I have covered well over 500 wedding events of all sizes and faiths. The smallest was an elopement of 2 and the largest a multi day event with several thousand guests. Most of our wedding coverage has been in both East and West Malaysia,  but there have been many opportunities to cover weddings in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the USA.

We have experience covering most of the major faiths as well as the little nuances between various traditions. We have covered Muslim weddings, both in the home and the mosque, small village weddings (called kampongs here), Bahai, Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, as well as beach and various modern styles of wedding. If you are looking for a good, experienced wedding photographer, you are in the right place.

My philosophy for photographing weddings is simple. I shoot every wedding as though it were my own.

Please read what past clients and their friends have said by clicking on the “Rave Reviews” link here.

Bookings are often 12 months in advance, and enquiries up to 24 months in advance are not unheard of so booking early is prudent.

Video Coverage of a multi-gown shoot in my studio

Commercial & Head Shots Photography

I do product photography for companies as well as corporate events, head shots, and narrative stories for company web sites. Clients include primary manufacturers,  medical as well as universities and colleges from Australia, the UK, and the USA who hold alumni meetings in Kuala Lumpur. Head shots have been a fun experience for me with people from the American DOJ, TedX Talkers, Comedians, Singers, an American PHD Aids researcher and Malaysian Miss World Pageant winners all being clients.

Family and Graduation Photography:

My family friendly studio is in Petaling Jaya. There is ample parking, easy lift (elevator) access for the elderly or infirmed. Everyone who comes has fun! It is also excellent for Graduation and Family Photography. The largest family group I have covered in it to date was a family of THIRTY ONE! I had my hands full!

School Class Photography:

Several schools employ us to do their advertising, individual, class and year book photography. My partners and I provide a professional coverage for this to several schools in the region.

Underwater Photography:

Usually this is provided for professional models in a controlled pool environment. I have also done some sessions for pregnant mothers and couples who want to experiment with their wedding photography being underwater, a trash the dress style photo shoot,  as well as those who wanting to do something a little quirky. SAFETY is the most important consideration for these shoots. I am a certified diver and for shoots in the ocean we have rescue divers on standby.

Other services:

I provide photography services for tourist groups to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka and other parts of Malaysia. I can also double up as a tour guide as well as an Emcee for events.

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