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wedding at thistle hotel resort port dickson

Carnjini and Iyadis Wedding at the Thistle Hotel in Port Dickson

Carnjini and Iyadi met in Australia while studying. Carnjini is from Malaysia while Iyadi hails from Kenya. They had a two continent wedding with one in Kenya overlooking the ocean, followed by one in Port Dickson, Malaysia. There are quite a number of resorts in Port Dickson, known as PD locally. The couple decided on the Thistle and the photos will certainly show you why. I hope you enjoy the wedding photos as much as we had fun taking them and sharing the joy that was obvious during theView full post »

connexion nexus bangsar south wedding

Wedding Dinner at the Connexion Nexus in Bangsar South

Thanath and Divya’s wedding dinner coverage at the Connexion Nexus (Connexion@Nexus) in Bangsar South. Originally posted 2014-09-14 22:48:20.View full post »

Tengku malay wedding banquet at grand dorsett hotel

Wedding Dinner of Tengku Nuddin and Kamilah at the Grand Dorsett

Tengku Nuddin and Kamilah celebrated their wedding dinner at the Grand Dorsett Subang Jaya. It was a warm intimate wedding with close friends and family. A lot of good stories were shared and the guests were entertained by a few of their number who are very good singers. Originally posted 2014-08-17 22:22:25.View full post »

indian wedding dinner at the prosper resort in morib near banting by grant corban

Kriya and Theena’s Wedding Dinner at the Prosper Resort in Morib

Kriya and Theena’s temple wedding was last week. Now it’s time to party! They held their wedding dinner banquet at the Prosper Resort in Morib. Prosper Resort is on the beach front and next to Impian hotel. The Impian shows up on the GPS, Prosper Resort may not, hence I mention it. The celebrations kicked off with cake cutting and fireworks, featured lots of dancing, great food and rounded off with group photos. Originally posted 2014-07-23 10:33:01.View full post »

hindu wedding banting grant corban

Kriya and Theena’s Hindu Temple Wedding Ceremony in Banting

“Grant, the photos are beautiful. Thank you, thank you so much. The wedding was a very simple affair, with minimal decoration and yet the photos are awesome.”- Kriya Originally posted 2014-07-02 12:24:40.View full post »

baby family portraits malaysia

Family Portraits and Birthday Photography in Malaysia

For years, I’ve been known as a wedding photographer but what people don’t know is that many of my couples go on to grow their families and when they need great birthday or family portraits, guess who they call? I love shooting kids…every shot is different and every shot tells a story. Call me to book a session if you want some great photos of your kids and family that tell a story or capture a memory. Pricing starts from an extremely affordable RM300 for shoots in the studio.View full post »


Pre Wedding Portraits at the Aloft Hotel in KL Sentral

This set of pre wedding portraits were taken at the Aloft hotel in KL Sentral. The Aloft Hotel is a really nice location for weddings and one of  the really interesting features of the hotel is that the wedding couple can drive their wedding car right up and INTO the ballroom. Cool or what?   Originally posted 2014-05-15 15:50:09.View full post »

Malay Royal Wedding of Tengku Bahar Idris in Negeri Sembilan

Wedding of Tengku Bahar Idris in Negeri Sembilan

Tengku Bahar Idris and Mayuko Yoshida   Tengku Badris and I met up to discuss his upcoming wedding back in September 2013. Career wise, he started as a news photojournalist and is currently a news editor with Agence France-Presse. He wanted unobtrusive photojournalism for his wedding to Mayuko in Negeri Sembilan. On the day there were close to 40 overseas wedding guests from all over the world. many of whom were also photojournalists which made me quip to the groom when their coach rolledView full post »

Why hire a professional wedding photographer vs amateur

The real cost of hiring a cheapest photographer. Starts with “P” and rhymes with “Rain

“When you start planning your wedding, you enter into a whole new world that can come with a shockingly high price tag.  It’s natural to look for places to cut corners, but here are some facts to consider before hiring an amateur photographer for your wedding day. 1. The number one regret of couples after the wedding is not investing more money in a photographer. When the wedding is over, all you have left are your photographs.  Unfortunately, it’s not until AFTER the wedding that mostView full post »

ring and vow exchange at wedding at Bride in car at wedding church of the holy spirit greenlane penang

Wedding at the Holy Spirit Church, Greenlane, Penang and banquet at the Park Royal Batu Ferringhi

Jaclyn and Michael’s wedding was held in the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit, Greenlane, Penang.  It was a smaller wedding but loads of fun as everyone knew each other. Jaclyn had a beautiful dress as you can see in her portraits. The other nice touch was on her shoes in the very first photo below. Very cute 🙂 The  portraits were mostly conducted at the very crowded Batu Ferringhi Beach. (Some claim it is where “First Contact” originally happened 🙂 ). Lots ofView full post »

wedding at the catholic cathedral church of the holy spirit in penang

Wedding at the Catholic Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit in Penang

Wedding at the Catholic Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit in Penang Just a quick post from this weekends wedding in Penang. It was held at the Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit. I will post some more photos later but am busy packing now for an overseas flight tomorrow to cover a destination wedding. Originally posted 2013-12-14 06:00:14.View full post »

Do you cry at weddings asked the sporting supplies

Do you cry at weddings? I do!

I was left floored by this perceptive question “Do you cry at weddings?” The question floored me. On Thursday while we were shooting sports equipment one of the fitness trainers come models asked me what I normally shoot. When I said  “weddings” she said it must be a lot of fun (and it is!) and immediately asked THE question. I am not often speechless but this really made me stop and think. For me, weddings ARE about the emotion of the day and then it hit me rightView full post »

crazy dance Wedding dinner at the Allson Klana Resort Seremban

Wedding dinner at the Allson Klana Resort Seremban

Day two of Pavin and Paveena’s wedding in Seremban was at the Allson Klana Resort in Seremban. Originally posted 2013-12-07 13:17:50.View full post »

Sri Balathandayuthapani hindu temple wedding mirror

Hindu Wedding at the Sri Balathandayuthapani Temple in Seremban

Thought I would share some photos from Pavin and Paveena’s Hindu wedding at the Sri Balathandayuthapani temple in Seremban.   Originally posted 2013-12-06 13:15:42.View full post »

Sunny Day on Pulau Redang at the Coral Resort

Pulau Redang Scuba Diving Trip

Arrived on a sunny day at the Coral Resort on Redang The swimming pool at the Coral Resort in Pulau Redang Beach front at the Coral Resort Stormy day at the end of the season on Redang I went to Pulau Redang for a Scuba diving trip last weekend. These photos are taken with the iPhone so saturation, sharpness and quality are a bit “Applely”. Needed to go for the trip to finally get my Scuba licence. I nearly completed it 12-13 years ago but due to other commitments I had to dropView full post »

Beautiful flowers in the church in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Wilfred and Chintia’s Wedding in Pekanbaru, Sumatra.

Beautiful flowers at the church in Pekanbaru, Indonesia Just back yesterday from covering a church wedding in Pekanbaru, Sumatra, Indonesia. Saw lots of friends from City Harvest Church in Subang Jaya as most of the friends in attendance know the bride and groom from their student days studying in Sunway/Taylors colleges. Pastor Kevin from City Harvest Subang was in attendance and made mention that it was the biggest reunion of the Indonesian contingent from City Harvest. All the old leadersView full post »

Chinese wedding tea ceremony in Kajang with VSOP

Super Fun Chinese Tea Ceremony with a difference

This is going to be a fun post. Last Sunday’s wedding in Kajang. Chinese tea ceremonies run the whole gamut of emotions. Sometimes they are just outrageously fun! This was certainly one of them. I strongly believe weddings should be F-U-N. In this case the traditional Chinese Tea ceremony was an opportunity for some early morning hijinks in the form of Wine, Brandy, Coffee mix and some outrageously large beer jugs! Well, I will let the photos speak for themselves. Fantastic. ProductView full post »

Main wedding banquet table Restoran Fei Chui in Kajang

Wedding at Restoran Fei Chui Kajang

The Front entrance of Restoran Fei Chui in Kajang. Lots of parking below and behind. We covered a Chinese wedding in Kajang over the last two weekends. I didn’t know of Restoran (restaurant) Fei Chui, nor that it was such a capacious venue. I think it is busy with weddings most weekends as it is likely THE major wedding banquet restaurant venue in the Kajang area. Very good banquet experience. The food was good (not always the case at wedding banquets) primarily because they are aView full post »

Beautiful Wedding at the Datai

Peter and Akiko’s wedding at the Datai, Langkawi

Wedding at the Datai Resort Langkawi, Malaysia I have been moving all of my older weddings from decaying DVD’s onto a new server and have been coming across some real gems of weddings that we have covered over the past 15 years(!) I realise now that when I moved from my old HTML 1.0 web site to wordpress that hundreds of my older wedding posts never followed us along! Ouch! So I am busy picking out some of them for reposting as time permits. This wedding is from December 2005. Back thenView full post »

Hartalega Nitrile Gloves for chemistry 0002

Hartalega Nitrile and Latex Gloves Product Shoot

These photos are from a recent product photography shoot we did for Hartelega. Hartelega employs about 6,000 people and make 1 BILLION gloves per month, mostly for export. They are an OEM rubber glove producer for medical companies all over the world including Japan and the USA. The term “rubber gloves” covers both Latex and Nitrile glove materials. Nitrile gloves complement normal latex gloves as they are more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids** and are about 300%View full post »

Annual Report Photography for Hartalega

Unless you are in the industry, many people don’t know that Malaysia is well known worldwide for making rubber gloves for many international brands. I know I didn’t until we headed down to Hartalega to take photos for some of their managers and directors for their Annual Report. I will do some posting of our product shoot – in which I was the hand model! 🙂 – in another posting but for now lets see how great their managers look. These images were shot in their new officeView full post »

studio family photography in puchong

Family Portrait Photography in a Puchong Studio

I do family photography in various studios or on location all over KL. This one is in Puchong for one of my former colleagues.   Originally posted 2013-08-09 17:52:34.View full post »

Putrajaya Wedding Portrait Photography

Geoff and Ellies’ Wedding in Taiping and Putrajaya

Geoff and Ellie had flown in from Canada so they could celebrate with Ellie’s parents in the town of Taiping where they held a traditional Chinese Tea ceremony and banquet dinner for the family. Geoff’s folks flew down from Canada to enjoy the ceremonies and they were also joined by his brother and sister in law from Japan. Traditional Chinese weddings include giving of tea by the couple to all of their older relations, and receiving tea from their younger relations. It is aView full post »

punjabi wedding couple at the melaka equatorial hotel banquet

Punjabi Hindu Wedding in Melaka

The happy couple at the wedding banquet in the Equatorial hotel A Punjabi Hindu wedding. Anusha’s mum had just outlined her daughter’s upcoming wedding day in Melaka as we sat in the local Starbucks enjoying a coffee. I have been the photographer for many Hindu weddings in the past and I have shot quite a number of Sikh weddings as well, so the fusion of the Punjabi culture and Hindu religion promised a very colourful couple of days with lots of fun. The wedding day started with theView full post »

Freda Liu of BFM

Portrait of Freda Liu of BFM

Freda Liu of BFM Just a quick post today as I am very busy at present with a variety of photography shoots: On Saturday I had a short studio portrait shoot with Freda Liu of BFM. It was a fun, relaxed photo shoot and we were finished in what seemed like no more than 60 minutes. For those who don’t know Freda (most probably those living outside of Malaysia) she is one of the producers and presenters of “Enterprise” and “Tech Talk” on BFM 89.9. She has conductedView full post »

Smallest Wedding Ever in St Barnabas Church Klang

Agnes contacted me from Japan where she has been living for the past 8 years. She was coming back to Malaysia to get her marriage with her fiance Isao registered with the government. As she had been away for so long she was a bit out of touch with the wedding industry so asked me if I could: Arrange a wedding gown Arrange a suit for the groom Arrange a church Arrange a minister Arrange a make up and hair stylist Arrange a bouquet Arrange a wedding car Recommend a hotel for easy access to theView full post »

Wedding Banquet Champagne at Berjaya Times Square

Wedding in St Johns Cathedral and Berjaya Times Square

The Wedding Champagne Fountain. Time for Yum Seng! Ben and Yin’s wedding was both a special day for them and a unique one in Malaysia’s wedding photography industry. Why? Because my friend Mr How brought along his brand new Canon 200-400 F4L, The first and only one in Malaysia. I will share more on this lens at the end of this posting and have tagged several of the images below that show it in use. Ben is the last of three brothers who have asked us to be their weddingView full post »

Bubu Resort in Perhentian Hotel Rooms

Pulau Perhentian Bubu Long Beach Resort

The Bubu hotel viewed from the end of the arrival jetty. After my trip to beautiful Perhentian I thought I would do a quick write up on my experience. If you have never been I have one word for you: GO! How to get there: There are three ways I know of. Take the bus, drive, or fly. I have heard the bus trip is 9 hours, driving all the way is likely only an option if you have two drivers (please do not be the sleepy dead hero and do it solo in one go), or fly. I decided to fly with my preferredView full post »

Perhentian Honeymoon Wedding Photographer

Perhentian Honeymoon “Trash the Dress”

Last week I endured the heat and severe sunburn (left the sunscreen in the hotel room aaargh!!!!)  on Perhentian for a honey moon shoot…OK endured is a harsh word….in reality ENJOYED is a the totally accurate term!  :-)  I was approached by Pina and Ahmed’s close friend Zina from Germany a few weeks ago and asked whether I would be open to heading up to Pulau Perhentian Kecil to cover part of their honeymoon. For those outside Malaysia reading this “Pulau” isView full post »

Beautiful Wedding Car surrounded by pretty models

Jovian Mandagie & Carven Ong Fashion on the Catwalk at the Nikko

This shoot was taken in the Nikko Hotel at one of their bridal fairs. The bridal gowns were by Jovian Mandagie & Carven Ong Fashion. Gorgeous models including Xandra Ooi. Xandra Ooi in a beautiful red gown Xandra Ooi in a beautiful wedding gown Beautiful Wedding Car surrounded by the gorgeous models Originally posted 2013-05-24 11:15:00.View full post »

Annual Report Trophy and Award Photography

This is an ongoing project we are working on at present for an upcoming annual report. We are shooting on location and are bringing a full lighting set up and backgrounds on site. Being a photographer for trophies and awards has quite different challenges than photographing people. While there may be a lot more control over lighting, the reflections and transparency of the crystal and glass pose their own challenges. One of these is making sure the lettering is readable. White lettering on aView full post »